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Here at OOHNA we have access to a network of practicing Occupational Health Nurses and students. For 2019, we have introduced a new stream of advertising on our website. Below you will find our introductory offering to marketers!


Approximately 90% of OOHNA members are female aged 35 – 70 who directly purchase or recommend the purchase of OHS products and services to their employers. Our secondary audience is nursing students, predominantly female aged 20 – 28.

Special Introductory Rates

  • $115 +13% HST (30-day posting)
  • $300 + 13% HST (90-day posting) [save $45]
  • $95 + HST – Not-for-Profit organizations (30-day posting)
  • $240 + HST – Not-for-Profit organizations (90-day posting) [save $45]

Advertisements Available

Expand your brand to the people who are looking for exactly what you offer. Advertising space is available on the following pages of our website, which are our most visited to date:

All banner ads are to be web-ready JPEGs sized 240 by 100 pixels. We are a mobile friendly site.

Book space today

You can contact the office either by email at or call 416-239-6462 (Toll free: 1-866-664-6276) for availability.