Did you know that?

-When colorectal cancer is detected early there is a 90% chance of being cured

-Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable with regular Pap tests, follow-ups and immunization

-When breast cancer is detected early, most women (90%) recover fully after treatment

If a cancer is found early through regular screening, it can require less invasive treatment and shorter periods of time away from work. Learn what you can do to reduce your risk of cancer by going to www.MyCancerIQ.ca.

The Toronto Central Regional Cancer Program is excited to offer workplaces in the Toronto Central region our free Cancer Prevention and Screening Awareness in the Workplace Toolkit that includes messages and information you can share with your employees via email, newsletter, social media and telephone recording. In addition to the Toolkit, we can come and provide an information booth and/or educational presentations to your employees as desired at no charge.

For more information, please contact the cancer screening team at 416-480-5331 or info@TCcancerscreening.ca.