DriverCheck’s First Annual Fitness for Duty Summit

Many questions loom for employers on a variety of topics including the pending legalization of cannabis, yet no defined test for impairment being available, the significant growth of medicinal cannabis authorizations exceeding 300,000 patients, the opioid epidemic...

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Cancer Screening Saves Lives!

Did you know that? -When colorectal cancer is detected early there is a 90% chance of being cured -Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable with regular Pap tests, follow-ups and immunization -When breast cancer is detected early, most women (90%) recover fully...

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WSIB’s 2018 premium rates are now available

The WSIB’s 2018 premium rates are now available on its website. There will be a 3.3% reduction on the average premium rate in 2018 for Schedule 1 employers, making it $2.35 for every $100 of insurable earnings – down from $2.43 in 2017. The WSIB says the...

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