The Webinar Series

Are structured to make sure OHNs are up to date and ahead of the curve on industry trends.

Looking to learn a new skill?

OOHNA offers professional development that’s just right for you.

OOHNA Conferences

Provide an opportunity to engage with your peers, to facilitate discussions and spark new ideas.


OOHNA is dedicated to helping members and prospective members stay up to date and informed with timely, relevant industry information and program availability.


OOHNA Events Calendar

Check out OOHNA’s upcoming educationevents, including webinars, courses, and workshops. OOHNA’s education offerings is structured to ensure participants are up-to-date with industry knowledge, aiming to keep OHN’s crucial and relevant within the business equation.

OOHNA Courses

Looking to enter the OHN profession or learn new skills? OOHNA is offering The Essentials of Occupational Health, Safety & Disability Management Course and The Working Mind Workshop.

OOHNA Conference

Join us at our annual conference to learn from peers and industry leaders the most relevant and up to date information on key issues affecting Occupational Health Nurses. 

Also look over our Resource Links column of this page to learn more about:

  • Educational institutes offering relevant courses
  • Certification in Canada and the US
  • And more!

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for with regards to education, get in touch today, it would be our pleasure to help!