The landscape of Occupational Health Nursing is constantly changing as new technology is developed, new legislation is passed and workplaces change. With this in mind, OOHNA is dedicated to keeping our members up-to-date and knowledge so we may continue to add value to industry and business in Ontario.

OOHNA Journal

This award-winning, peer-reviewed publication is a members-only trusted resource for occupational health and safety issues. Published twice a year focusing on disability management, Occupational Health and Safety practice, business articles, and original research.

OOHNA Xpress

The newsletter features relevant updates from the board of directors and the executive director. The Xpress also has relevant information on OHS practice, legislative and legal issues, education and events, and member-written articles.


If you are looking for information on a variety of topics but aren’t sure where to start, please visit our resource hub first! Here you will find useful articles and links to start your discovery journey.