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Employers Looking for Occupational Health NURSES

Investment: $500 per post

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If the workplace is affecting an employee’s health, or if an employee’s health is affecting his or her work, then the intervention of an Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) can make a difference. OHNs are valued for their ability to provide employee support and understanding. If you are an employer looking for an Occupational Health Nurse, advertise with us and reach 85% of OHNs. Our members are all Registered Nurses or Registered Practical Nurses working in the Occupational Health Nursing field. For more information please email

  • Applicants will apply directly to you.
  • Fees include Branding of Your Logo with Posting(s).
  • The job will be promoted on our Member-only portal and emailed to our Occupational Health community.
  • Fees are in Canadian Dollars and subject to Applicable Taxes.
  • Posted in the members-only section of the website.
  • Starting in 2022: Advertising will also include 1-hour of mentoring for the new hire!


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OOHNA Xpress Newsletter Advertising

Investment: $50 per half-page ad per issue

The X-Press digital newsletter is published every two months with the exception of  July and August. The newsletter features columns from the board of directors, the executive director, education and events, and “Good to Know” – a bulletin board of occupational health, safety and environmental quick facts and websites. The managing editor welcomes short articles (350-1000 word) on these topics:  occupational health, safety and environment, legal and legislative, and human-interest stories, and book reviews.  Occupational health nursing areas association information is also welcome.

The newsletter is widely read by other health and safety professionals.


Investment: $0

The OOHNA Journal is the official publication of the Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association (OOHNA).  It is a peer-reviewed publication whose purpose is to support and promote the practice of occupational health and safety specialists by providing leading-edge research and evidence-based clinical practices.  It publishes articles on disability management, health and safety, environmental health, case management, information management, business and leadership, and legal and legislative issues.

The OOHNA Journal staff invite you to SUBMIT MANUSCRIPTS  related to occupational health, safety, and disability management.

The ideas and opinions in The OOHNA Journal do not necessarily reflect those of OOHNA, the editor, or the publisher.

Advertising opportunities available as well, please contact us.