Business Strategies

Occupational Health Nurses understand business, associated costs and fiscal responsibility. OHNs are an essential part of the management team. As liaison between management and employees, OHNs are in a unique position to provide solutions to issues that can directly affect the bottom line. OHNs also recognize employers’ obligations to demonstrate due diligence and facilitate compliance with relevant legislation.

OHNs Role

  • Complement health and safety initiatives with other quality assurance strategies such as ISO (International Standards Organization)
  • Establish internal and external benchmarking
  • Work in partnership with key members of the organization
  • Analyze trends and statistics on injury, illness and workplace practices to ensure program effectiveness
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis
  • Provide outcome measurement
  • Recommend practical, cost effective programs


Benefits to Employers

  • Contribute to overall corporate viability and competitiveness in the marketplace
  • Reduce costs associated with workplace hazards
  • Facilitate compliance with legislative requirements and reduce risk of financial penalty (for example Ministry of Labour fines)