the essentials of occupational health, Safety, & Disability Management course

This Essentials of OHS & DM Course is a 40-hour certificate program designed to provide participants with an all-around introduction to the profession, ensuring they are equipped with the tools required to be successful occupational health, safety, and disability management professionals. 

This certificate is aimed at anyone looking to enter the field of Occupational Health and Safety, looking to expand their knowledge of disability management/WSIB/RTW, looking to prepare for the CNA certification exam, as well as those in varied occupational backgrounds. This course can be used towards Mohawk College’s Occupational Health Nursing Program.

This course is offered both face-to-face and virtually but is currently only being offered virtually. The course is offered 3-4 times a year. Email to be added to the contact list to get exclusive registration.


    Summer Session: Sep 14-Oct 28th from 6:30-9:30 PM every Tuesday & Thursday (7 weeks )

    Please email the completed registration form to to secure your spot!

    What will this course do for you?

    The certificate in The Essentials of Occupational Health, Safety and Disability Management will:

    • Help meet the educational “contact hours” for maintaining Occupational Health Nursing and other related professional designation certification
    • Provide formal recognition of a participant’s ability to assess actual and potential hazards in the workplace and facilitate the safe return of employees following disability or injury
    • Deliver opportunities for participants to learn new skills and knowledge
    • Help participants develop competencies necessary to identify, assess and promote health and safety programs in a variety of work settings
    • Be appropriate for individuals who are either new to the profession or more experienced

    On achieving the Certificate in The Essentials of Occupational Health, Safety and Disability Management, participants will be equipped with a firm foundation that includes:

    • Fundamental Elements of Occupational Health and Safety Systems
    • Workplace and Worker Assessment
    • Hazard and Risk
    • Legislative Requirements
    • WSIB / Disability Management / Return to Work
    • Problem Solving Skills


    OOHNA’s instructors are seasoned occupational health and safety professionals. They have lectured at the college and university level and each instructor will teach their specialty during the course.


    Course fee is $1,469.00 [$1,300 + HST ($169.00)]. Course fee for participants includes professionally developed online course manual, instruction, reference materials, support & assistance, IT support,  and assessments. Payment must be made in advance of the start of the course. The method of payment preferred is by credit card.

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    What did other people have to say?

    As a novice, 1-year Occupational Health Nurse, I loved OOHNA’s Essentials of Occupational Health, Safety and Disability Management course! The course was well structured, and the instructors were able to compact a broad range of foundational OHS information in just 7 weeks. The instructors were engaging, highly experienced, articulate, and very encouraging. The course material was well presented and organized by testable material and ‘tools of the trade’ which have become a great reference for me in my practice as an OHN. The instructors used case studies to apply the learned concepts to realistic scenarios an OHN would encounter at work. I highly recommend this course to any nurse interested in entering the field or looking to develop a broad foundation for OHS across many industries and sectors.

    Einav Talia Simoni, RN

    Occupational Health Nurse, North York General Hospital

    The Essentials of Occupational Health, Safety and Disability Management course has truly helped me understand my role, responsibilities, and value as a future Occupational Health Nurse.

    I highly recommend this course to new and seasoned nurses alike. For someone seeking a career as an Occupational Health Nurse, OOHNA is a great organization and resource.  



    Dee Go, RPN

    It was such a pleasure to be a student in OOHNA’s “Essentials of OHS & Disability Management” course. Over 7 weeks, this course provided a comprehensive and practical overview of occupational health & safety (OHS) and disability management in an engaging format. It was inspiring to learn from such knowledgeable and passionate occupational health nurse veterans – Pat Kent Bowman, Ruth McKillip, and Marg Creen. As a new graduate nurse, the fundamental course content and expert instructors have helped me develop the competence, skills, and confidence to succeed in my new job as an OHS professional. This course was also a great networking opportunity to meet and learn from other occupational health nurses and professionals. I would highly recommend this course to any new OHS professional or anyone interested in enhancing their foundational understanding of occupational health & safety and disability management.


    Kimberley Dieu, RN

    OHS Professional